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Ko Announces The Kohesion Membership Platform

Nov 17, 2020

A Global Learning, Development, & Wellness Platform for Coaches, Practitioners, & Trainers

Ko is pleased to announce the launch of The Kohesion™ Membership platform for Learning and Development and Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, and Trainers to connect to the Ko global community and each other.

The Kohesion Membership platform provides access to curated Learning and Development and Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, and Trainers. To be part of the Kohesion Membership platform, Kohesion Members pay an annual subscription fee of $99. Each Kohesion Member integrates Koherence into their services and participates in 1 key Koherence™ training annually, which starts at $295 with 50% discounts on all key Koherence trainings. Kohesion Members have access to Ko’s physical spaces and Ko’s Learning and Member Management System, which includes features such as a library of Koherence resources and a space to virtually connect with the Ko community. “Ko’s Vision is to manifest a world of well-being, wealth and wonder through Koherence and we are seeking to aggregate and connect the most impactful Coaches, Practitioners, and Trainers in the world to empower people and companies to function at their highest purpose together.”, says Zoltan Papp, CEO, Ko.

About Ko

Ko is an ecosystem designed to help prepare people, groups, and companies to perform at their peak. This EKOSYSTEM™ consists of Education & Trainings, Physical Spaces, a Venture Fund, and a Social Profit Foundation. Ko is method agnostic and threaded together with the Koherence Philosophy. Koherence at its most basic is Group Flow. Ko has partnerships with Neuro Wellness and Flow Technologies, such as FLIGBY, a leadership development simulation with a blended learning solution co-developed with Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, to accelerate Koherence results.

“When the 5 Principles of Koherence – Intention/Purpose, Authenticity, Integrity, Grace and the Domain of Awareness – sync together, there is a powerful energy of timelessness and effortlessness that brings people to function together at their peak”, says Inonge Khabele, Chief Visionary Officer, Ko. In a time of major disruption, the opportunities for teamwork, collaboration, creativity, peace and prosperity, and happiness at work and the workplace are even greater with Koherence.

To apply for the Kohesion Membership or recommend Learning and Development and Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, and Trainers you love, visit www.ko.is.