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Matthew Theron Spear

High Performance Coach

Matthew grew up in a traditional home, and with the design and inspiration to serve others. Early on, he began seeing the imbalances of the teachings in religion, education, business, health and wellness, and relating with others. All he was taught showed to be contradictory to what truly helps create an empowering experience. In his search for knowledge to understand how the human experience works for optimal results, he was able to discover many tools and methods to help himself and others begin manifesting the world they want to create. His inability to accept the status quo has led to many introspective and innovative ways to create flow within and coherence that he desires to bring to those in search for “something more”. He has a gift of helping others connect deeply to themselves and begin the journey of acceptance and healing to live in full purpose, joy, clarity, and coherence.

Matthew was a personal trainer for 10+ years working with clients who had musculoskeletal and nutrition imbalances. In 2015, he started a distressed real estate business which led into a fund, Pineapple Assets, that bought homes, rehabbed, rented, and sold to REIT’s based on cash flows. After stepping down from the CEO role in 2018 and leaving the company, Matthew began his journey toward following his passion and purpose. Realizing that creating wealth meant nothing without happiness, he focused on how to create wealth from within and manifest it out. He dove deep in the study of how our state of being creates our reality and how our mindset is a prerequisite for true success and happiness. After studying numerous philosophies, tools, and religions, he realized that each was a piece of the puzzle. While the puzzle pieces form a beautiful piece of art, the puzzle must be placed on something, and the foundation that the pieces come together is Koherence.


  • BS in Kinesiology from Kennesaw State University
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship from Acton School of Business

Assessment & Certifications

  • NLP Master Trainer
  • Somatic Coach
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer
  • Certified Koherence Trainer