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Koherence is the path and method to help everyone live in divine purpose together.

Koherence Markers

Koherence Diagram
Increased Creativity
Koherence Diagram
Increased Efficacy
Koherence Diagram
Increased Empowerment
Koherence Diagram
Increased Functionality
Koherence Diagram
Increased Happiness
Koherence Diagram
Increased Impact
Koherence Diagram
Increased Innovation
Koherence Diagram
Increased Productivity
Koherence Diagram
Increased Profitability
Koherence Diagram
Increased Recruitment
Koherence Diagram
Increased Retention
Koherence Diagram
Increased Skill Acquisition
Koherence Diagram
Increased Synchronicities
Koherence Diagram
Increased Team Alignment
Koherence Diagram
Increased Team Connection
Koherence Diagram
Increased Well-being
Koherence Diagram
Decreased Fear
Koherence Diagram
Decreased Health Costs
Koherence Diagram
Decreased Stress

The Koherence Philosophy

The Philosophy of Koherence is that of Group Flow, a synergy of five principles (Integrity, Intention, Grace, Authenticity, Awareness) in practice that result in a cultivated state of Active + Connected + Presence, which accelerates people, teams, and organizations.

To understand Koherence, we must first understand Flow.


[ flō ] mental verb

The mental state in which one is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

To Cultivate Koherence, We All Need to be Existing in a Coherent Frame of Mind.

Is characterized by an open, relaxed and engaged state of being.
Means with other people.
Means we are focusing on embodiment and action.
Koherence Diagram

Unlike Flow, Koherence Can Only be Practiced Together.

Koherence is important because human beings are ‘holonic’, meaning they are whole and integral in themselves and at the same time, part of a bigger whole. Human teams, organizations, and families have the exact same capacity. Without any added hierarchy, when we are doing something together in full Presence, what gets created is a healthy emergent organism.

Our Current Operating System Prevents Access to Koherence.

Our current operating system assumes that “I am the body.” It views consciousness merely as a byproduct of the body. If you’re merely a body on a planet with 8 billion other bodies most of whom don’t care about you, it’s natural to feel separation, disconnection, anxiety, dis-ease, and fear.

The Koherence Operating System Creates a Happier Reality.

While the current operating system excludes or discounts the Domain of Awareness, the Koherence operating system integrates everything that arises within the Domain, including the body. By rooting in the Domain of Awareness, which is fundamentally connected, peaceful, and creative; people’s thoughts, actions, and results are naturally transformed.

Tapping into Heaven on Earth.

Just like you currently take care of your body, you can also take care of your Domain by infusing it with Integrity, Intention, Grace, and Authenticity.


Integrity is whole and complete; lacking nothing for the fulfillment of. The foundation of Integrity is to establish a relationship with yourself of unconditional love, trust, and respect. This allows you to receive feedback, grow, and learn.


Intention is always present. Intention should be authentic, align with what fulfills Life, and include the whole Domain (and all who arise within, including the Earth). This is a move from self-centered motives to serving the highest good.


Grace is defined as smoothness and elegance of movement. In the context of Awareness, Grace involves learning to accept (then embrace) yourself and others exactly as they are and accept the moment or situation exactly as it is. This allows you to flow within life in a fulfilling way.


Authenticity is defined as the quality of being genuine and true. Authenticity cultivated in your Domain means transparency and (autotelic) naturalness. Once one lets go of hiding anything or proving anything, communication, connection, and alignment transforms.